mila15 At Faith Lutheran School & Daycare we believe that children learn by doing. Therefore we are more interested in the children learning the process rather than the end product. We encourage the children to explore and experiment, and have a mixture of teacher directed and student directed activities.The preschoolers follow a self-written thematic curriculum which encompasses art, language arts, math, science, social studies, and music. Our VPK classes also incorporate the Creative Pre-K curriculum into their lesson plans. Creative Pre-K is a creative, hands-on, child-centered curriculum, which focuses on daily learning experiences. Both of these curriculums provide activities that give preschoolers the skills they will need before they learn to read and write.

Faith Lutheran School & Daycare uses the “One In Christ” and “Faith Alive” curriculums from Concordia Publishing House. The curriculums were designed to assist in meeting the goals of an effective Christian education program. The following is a summary of those goals:

  • know God
  • live happily in peace with God, themselves, and others
  • value all of God’s creative work in His world and the church
  • live in Christian hope

To accomplish these goals, each day our classes have a “Jesus Time” which includes bible stories and related songs. Prayers are said upon opening, closing, and before snack. The preschoolers meet in the church on Wednesdays for Chapel, where they participate in a children’s message, prayers, and music.