School Board

The Faith Lutheran School Board is established as a function of Faith Lutheran’s Church Council in accordance with the Constitution & By-Laws of Faith Lutheran Church. The School Board exists only by virtue of the church congregation of Faith Lutheran Church and operates under the control of the Church Council of Faith Lutheran Church.

The School Board typically consists of 8 to 10 members including a church member who acts as the Chairperson, the School Director, and Assistant Director, a member of the school staff, a church Elder, and 3 – 5 members at large who are either church members and/or school parents. Most board members serve a one year term beginning in August. This diverse group is intended to represent the various perspectives of the church congregation, the school staff, and the school parents.

The School Board is responsible for promoting the philosophy of ministry of Faith Lutheran Church as it fulfills the responsibilities of overseeing the financial operations of Faith Lutheran School & Daycare due to the financial relationship that exists between the church and the school, establishing the school’s policies, procedures, and guidelines; as well as assisting the School Directors in decision making and evaluating the school’s programs.

Our school board has the unique challenge of balancing the responsibilities of being faithful stewards to our church family, while meeting the needs of our children, meeting the expectations of our parents who depend on the care we provide, and providing leadership to the teachers & staff that we employ.